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Delivering Recruiting Excellence, Exceeding Hiring Needs


Professional Recruiters

LMS Recruiting’s team of professional recruiters have the right experience to deliver the type of candidates your agency needs to hire.

Extensive Network

10+ Years of recruiting and relationship building in the healthcare community that allows your agency to leverage LMS Recruiting’s resources to hire local professionals fast.

Qualified Submittals

LMS Recruiting only sends screened and qualified candidates for hire so that your agency spends time more time onboarding candidates that meet your job requirements.

Job Seekers

Top Employers

LMS Recruiting is selective in which employers we partner with. Only organizations with successful performance in patient care and workplace culture are considered.

Career Enhancement

Professional recruiters who have the knowledge and experience to guide you in the next stage of you career

Job Advocates

LMS Recruiting actively guides you through the whole job selection process to you don’t miss an opportunity .